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Nelly Furtado won 4 of her 5 Juno nominations at the 2001 Juno Awards and performed a medley of I'm Like a Bird and Turn Off the Light. From those that don't know the "Juno Award," is Canada's version of the Grammy.
The Black Crowes
label: V2
released: 05.08.01

In their sixth release, the crowes that us back to a time were we all can just enjoy the melody's the speaker sings out. (more)
label: Parlophone / Nettwerk America
released: 07.10.00

You've heard the rumors, now Will checks in on why Coldplay is all filler and no killer.
Just in case you missed it, read Will's  contriversial shoot on certain Radiohead fans. Also he shoots at N sync's Justin for a witless comment & much, much more.

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