(The Life between me)
Who is Will Morris? Who could he possibily be? This is something that I have been asking myself since as far back as I can remember.  Here are some of the answers to the questions I have often asked myself.


There's something inside me that makes me want to do great things. Who knows where it came from, and who know why it's there. But it is, and it's stronger than I ever thought it would be. The search for greatness, can never truly take place. Why? Because what one person calls great, another will call good, or maybe even medocre. Then there's the simple fact that, people who imspire to be great, only judge their greatness on the bases of other people's opinions. In my time of living, I don't want to be remembered as being great; I just want to be remembered.

"The Soft kiss the Wind blows."
I've had the pleasure of being in love, not that crush stuff, but the real true thing. I've only come to the conclusion that love comes when you least expect it.