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"The Soft kiss the Wind blows."

Being in love is weird. It has such uncertainity attached to it. Especially when one of the two parties screws up. Then again someone always screws up. There's this girl, that is in my heart, who maybe my complete and utter polar opposite but there is something there. Being the idiott that I am, I hurt this pure miralce of the living God. I lied to her, and gave her no reason to believe in me; or what we have. It's a stinging betrayal that I chosed myself.

She is one of the few great people left in this world, and with all my heart I wish her success; I hope that things work out so I can be at her side, but if they don't I will just have to understand and accept that she can't be to me what I want her to be.

I am a writer, it's something I have always dreamed about. Doing the one thing that I truly can say I do with no feelings of nervousness. The thing that puzzles me is that some people say I always say the right things. Especially if I am in an argument I say things that make them feel at ease, even though a few minutes ago I might have been the biggest jerk in the world. I don't think I say the right things, I think I say what I feel. As for being the romantic, people have told me I am; I don't know about that. If I feel a connection with a girl, and she recipicates it I am going to tell her everything that is in my heart. Everything! I am not one of those guys that takes things for granted. Because I know that people like that end up losing out in the long run.