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Top Story: Oklahoma Nat'l Champs
The 2000 BCS, season is finally over. In a system that proves to be more BS, than anything else it finally crowned a true champion this season. Although FSU can make
the argument that they weren't with all their guns, diehard FSU fans will debate that
fact til the end of time. Truly no one knows how things would have played out if FSU,
was at 100%. Quite possibly things would have been the same, maybe not. The Day,
the week, the month and the year belonged to the Oklahoma Sooners. Kudos to their
coaching staff and players for a job well done.
I  have always been a FSU fan, since the days of Deion and his now infamous touchdown
days  up until this very minute. I think Bobby Bowden is on of the best coaches who ever
coached the game of football, both on a collegiate and professional level. He is one of those great motivaters. I am sure he gave the guys a heart filled speech before, in between and after the game. It was just something in the air, last night. Like Oklahoma
had something to prove and played like it was there time, and FSU, just was comfortable
being there. Like they didn't really know how to win this one. Oklahoma was meant to
win this game.

I must admit that I had hoped for a miracle, especially in the latter moment of the game,
but FSU's pulse kept weakening and weakening like a victim of a car crash in an ER,
trying to hang on for dear life.

But like Dr. Green on an episode of ER,Coach Bowden and his team of coaches who were playing the role of physicians tried tp stop the bleeding that  could or wouldn't stop, and I had to endure my favorite team lose yet another important game. Coach Bowden
himself made the statement that he thought that maybe Miami should have been
there. Miami or FSU, I highly doubt that it would have matter. This year belong
to the Sooners of Oklahoma.

No matter what you catorgorize yourself as whether it be coach,player, casual fan,
Monday or Sunday evening armchair quarterback or the regular ole coach potatoe
coach that one time or another everyone becomes. Last night's game  had to be
emotionally renching, that is if you are a true fan. Oklahoma proved themselves to
be the team of the year. There's no doubt about that. Does this mean that there aren't
people out there that won't give them their due? No, because there are several people
out there that would rather say that if Miami or perhaps even Oregon State were in the
big game it would have been a totally different outcome. In closing, I find it ironic that a
team that has been praised so highly for it's offensive abilities had to rely on their defense.
Hat's off  FSU's defense, but as I said early the day belonged to Oklahoma.

Posted 1/4/00  at 6:44pm