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About Us
   A screenplay by W.L. Morris


An elderly man is rocking in his chair and staring outside the window into
space. The camera pans across the room and we see a middle aged man
in a v-neck t-shit, reading his paper. A woman and a small child around the
age of eight enter the  room from the pouring rain. The man with  the newspaper
is sipping on a longneck and we pan over to the table and we see several
empty cans of beer. The woman takes the  child into the back room. The man on
the couch slowly gets up and follows the two.

Camera slowly follows the man into the back area.

The man opens the door and sees the woman packing the child's and her
things into a suitcase.

      (Deep south Accent)
Where the hell do you think you are going woman!

Clarence has a beer in hand while he says this. Camera pans over to the woman and the little girl, the woman has a black eye, and is hoovering
over the chilld.

I am going to my mother's house in Birmingham.
Don't try to stop me. I will call the police on you. You have gone too this time. She's your fucking daughter you
son of a bitch!

Clarence comes further into the room.The little girl draws closer to her mother.

  (Has an evil smile  on his face and is laughing)
Well, it's like they say..( Clarence stumbles ) Flesh of Flesh, and bone
of bone.

I am warning you Clarence , you take one more step and I'll.. I'lll..

Clarence slowly takes one step closer.

Stop it! You've pushed me to far... (Doris starts to ramble those words over and over.)
Clarence laughs and then moves closer.

Hi, there darling. Come to daddy. Sit on daddy's lap.

Clarence has an evil smile on his face.

I am warning you Clarence. No more!

The little girl moves further behind her mother.
She is pulling the side of her mother's dress and hiding behind her.

I'm sick and tired of you're bullshit! (Clarence looks at the little girl)
Baby, come to your daddy. Give your daddy a hug.

Doris  slowly takes something out of her back pocket, and slides it to
the little girl. The little girl takes the shining silver object, and quickly
places it behind her back.

I am going to my mother's house.  You're never gonna hurt us again you bastard!

This infuriate's Clarence.

You aren't going anywhere, and neither is she! You're both mine!

Moving Shot- Clarence charges Doris and strikes her to the ground

He starts to beat on , he picks her up and then throws her across the room,

We see the little girl standing there, witnessing this with a blank glazed over
look upon her face. She has a knife in her hands and see looks at it.

Clarence picks up Doris and continuisly punches Doris in her stomach,and
facial area, while he is throwing her around like a rag doll.

Listen to me bitch, tonight I am gonna kill you. (Clarence turns a looks at the
little girl). I'm gonna kill the both of you.

        No!!!! You son of a bitch
Doris is bleeding, and Clarence pulls her by her clothes and punches her to the ground.

Oh Yeah? But, what are you gonna do about it!

Doris gives Clarence a knee to the groan.  Clarence falls to his knees,
Doris grabs the little girl and quickly tries to flee the room, But Clarence
grabs her leg and her and the girl fall. Clarence gets up and starts to
rip at Doris' clothing.

Somebody help!! Please, help!!

Slowly pan over to the little girl who accidentally fell on the knife. She is
bleeding very badly, Doris finally notices her and moves over to try to
stop the bleeding.

Look what you have done, look what you did to your own fucking daughter you

Clarence looks down at the small child.

Oh, God no!

Clarence looks remorseful.
And slowly inches forward towards them

     I'm, I'm sorry.

Doris has the child in her arms and Clarence walks towards then and the
right up to them.

     Give me my child.

(Teary eyed)
Go to hell!

Give me my child, or I will kill you were you stand bitch.
Give her to me right fucking now,  Doris!

Doris with tears in her eyes slowly gives Clarence the child. Clarence
picks the child up and holds her close to him. We pan over and she the
childs back area, in which minutes ago, it was filled with blood, and
now there is no blood on her.

(Teary eyed)
I can't believe a child of mine could be this fucking weak!

Clarence drops the child ontop the ground

(Runs over)

She looks over at  Clarence. You sick monster. You killed her!

Clarence  starts to walk away, he is stumble
around, and once he fully turns around we see a stab wound on his left
side, and he's bleeding perfusely. He finally notices all the blood and then
turns around and looks at Doris and the child.

Wha-Wha What's happening to me? What did she do to me.

Close Shot-
Clarence falls down to his knees and starts coughing up blood.
Clarence falls over  .

Pan over to Doris, who is clutching the child.

The little girl begins to open her eyes and sees her mothing crying.

Little Girl
Mommie, why are you crying?

Doris, looks at her.


Doris clutches the child. The child sees her father lying dead behind them.

Little Girl
Mommie, what's wrong with Daddy?

(clutches the child closer to her)
I don't know. But he won't be bothering us anymore.

Little Girl


Litte Girl
I-I hear voices.

Fade to black:

Fade In:

The streets are filled with people , it's a busy time of year, the christmas
holiday season. The camera pans thru several people until we see a
young girl and her friends are walking together.
There are two girls and two boys.

Where the fuck is the bulding Angel?
Drew turns to Angel

I don't know--- I don't know, it had all this stuff around it. Like- like
barb-wire around it. I didn't mean it. It just happened.

I can't belive you did it again. How are we gonna get out of this one!

Leave her alone, it was her fault,hero. Now let's find the place and get rid of the body
I don't know guys. This is too hot for me. I mean if my parents knew that I was involved
in the covering up of a crime, they'd kill me!

Shut up! No one is gonna miss that piece of shit. And if you even think of baling,
I am gona cut you- you coward.

Come on man, don't bail. We need you man.
This shit is way to big for three peopleto handle!

Moving shot-
The four teenagers walk down an alley, and are lerd upon by homeless people.
They all hideaway when the teens move closer. They come across a small  fence
that leads to an area where a pathway to a house .  

              Pat, give me a  boost.

Patrick helps Drew to peak over the tall fencing. Drew ducks down when
a cop looks over that way.

           Shit, he saw me lets go!

The teens all run away. But in the process Patrick's wallet falls out of his jacket.

Cut to:
Det. Derik Snyder is overseeing yet another gruesome murder scene.
But for the last few years he and the entire NYPD have been baffled by
murders that have been commited recently. Because their aren't any
fingerprints or signs of forced  entry.

Hey, you kids get the fuck away from here!

Det. Synder walks up to the officier.

      Who were those kids?
Oh, detective, those where just kids.
Probably wanted to see a dead body, you know how that is.

Det. Snyder
Yeah, I have seen enough for a lifetime.

Just a part of the job, sir.

Det. Snyder starts to walk away.

     Det. Snyder
          (Says this while walking away)
Yeah well, did it ever occur to you that they could be potential suspects?

The officier has a dumb founded look on his face.
Det. Snyder's partnerwalks up next to him, he is an overweight man,
with a thick mustache and his hair is balding.
He is eating a doughnut and he has a report under his left arm.

Det. Snyder
It's about time you brought your ass here.

Det. Lewis
Hey, I had to stop by and some lunch. It took me hours to get this report from Atlanta/

      Det. Snyder
What do you have for me Lewie? And don't get any fucking cumbs on that

Det.Lewis raps the doughnut in a piece of tissue, and puts it in his pocket.

  You know you really are a disgusting individual.

Snyder shakes his head, and the two walk into the crime scene.
Det. Lewis starts to look and read off the report.

There has been 8 deaths in the past 8 years, that fall under the same
circuimstances as ours does. They all have the same  m/o ours  has.
No murder weapon, No fingerprints and most of all no suspects.

INT. Murder scene. Run down house in the middle of a junkyard.

The House is dirty, newspapers,boxes and nick nacks of all kind are scrolled
around the house. Who ever lived here is no doubt a slob.

Camera follows The detectives. Several police officiers, and others are
working on the crime scene. Some are taking photos of the body. We
come up to the body. A large man in a chair, his eyes are still open
as if before he died he was in total shock. The Detectives walk up
to the corner, who is an attractive young asian woman.

Det. Lewis
Hey, Sonya.

(Checking the body)
Hi, Lewie

Det. Snyder  looks uncomfortable around the female corner.

Det. Snyder
Ok, now that we have exchanged greetings, let's get to our jobs.

Sonya looks at Det. Snyder nonsalantly..We can tell these two were involved in
one way or another from the way she is reacting.

It's nice to see you again Malcolm.

Det. Lewis is just standing there, and finally decides to break the cold silence.

Det. Lewis
Hey, Sonya? Do you have any idea what killed this poor fucker?

Sonya looks at Lewie and looks down at the man's  chest

Det. Lewis
what's that sticking out of his chest?

Close shot:
An object seems to be sticking out of his chest.

That's the murder weapon.

Sonya motions to one of her co-workers. The man pushes the murder victim up from
the chair and Det. Snyder and Lewis see that the sharp part of the knife is sticking
out of the man's back. Someone stabbed the man in his heart, and didn't stop
pushing it in until the knife was fully inside him.

Det. Lewis
Holy crap, what the fuck!

Snyder goes closer to the man and investigates the wound.

Who ever did this, has to be either very strong, or at the time very determined.

       CUT TO:

Ext. The Back alley near the crime scene.

The officier that Det. Snyder  scolded  is looking around the alley, the part where
he saw the kids. He has his flash light out looking for clues. He turns and sees
a young homeless child pick up something.

Hey you kid! Stop right there!

The kid takes off, the police officer goes for his gun, but then remembers that
it's just a child, so he starts running after him. The kid tries to run to a fire
escape but the officer catches in.

Put me down, pig. Put me the fuck down now!

Okay, Okay kid.. Give me the wallet.

Fuck you!

The young child spits in the cop's face.

Why, you piece of....

The officer draws back as if to hit the child, the child crindges but Det. Snyder
catches his hand and gets in his face. The child runs behind Det. Lewis.

Det. Snyder
I said check the area, not beat up a potential witness.

The officer gets into Snyder's face.

Det. Snyder
In case you wanna end up, writting parking tickets. Take a step back.

The officer doesn't budge.

Det. Snyder
Didn't you hear what I just said? Take a step back!

The officer finally steps back out of the way. Snyder walks up to the child and
neels down till they see eye to eye.

Det. Snyder
Hey, kid.


Det. Snyder
What's your name?


Det. Snyder
Whatcha doing in this part of town, at this hour?

Cus, I live here.

Det. Snyder
Where are you're parents?

Dead. They were killed by pigs like him.

The boy looks at the officer in the background.


And you!

Det. Snyder
You should be in school kid, Lewie call Protective services.

Det. Lewis
You got it.

Det. Lewis gets his phone out and starts calling "CPS."

Det. Snyder
But first kid You have something I want.
I'll give you eighty bucks for it.

The kid looks tempted by the offer.

You make it a hundred, and you got it.

Snyder  goes in his pocket, get his wallet and takes out a one hundred
dollar bill, and gives it to the kid.

Aight, you can have the wallet I found. It only has four bucks in it. Maybe it
can buy you a dought and some coffee.

Det. Snyder
Lewie, you got Social Services on the line.

Yeah, I think I am gonna take the kid down there.
What are you gonna do?

Det. Snyder
I'm going to talk to this therapist, he seems to think he knows who is doing this.
Then, I am going to talk to the owner of this wallet. He is some how
connected...... Oh, and I am taking the car.

Det. Lewis
What the fuck am I suppose to use then?

Snyder is walking away and  replies to Lewis

Det. Snyder
Hitch a ride with that coroner that you are so found of.

Det. Lewis
That's bullshit Snyder, bullshit. I can't believe you!

Fade to black

Fade in white

                                        Cut to :

INT. Run down dinner

The Fade to white is inserted because, the young girl Angel is sleeping
and Drew shakes her and she sudden wakes up. It's there to simulate her
sleeping and then her eyes opening.

The three are sitting at the table, eatting the normal teenage meal consisting
of a burgar and fries. Patrick isn't there.
He is more of a homebody/sticklerfor the rules type.
Drew and Angel aren't eating they  are worried that what ever went on in the junkyard
will come to light. While Madigen is enjoying her meal, not shaken at all by
the events that have taken place.

Ahh.. Man, we are so totally fucked!

Take it easy there cowboy you might pop one of those veins in you're head so just chill.

Drew ignores Madigen and turns to Angel.

Angel, tell me everything that went on.

Madigen stops eating and looks at Drew

Drew , why can't you just leave it alone!

Drew turns to Madigen

Shut the fuck up. You don't have anything to lose, you don't even have anything to
live for, just go away and let Angel and I talk.


Madigen throws her fries done and gets up, and goes to the counter.

Now, Angel. You have to tell me exactly have happened this time.

I-I don't know, I'll try.

Drew puts his hand ontop of Angel's hand.

Go ahead.

Well, two days ago