Wordstorm Archive

"mind right,"
The legacy of others passed on to me  flows thru my vain,
Can't seem to win for losing, God please send me something to ease my pain,
Life is suppose to beautiful but  the better part of mine was  ugly,

So focused on the dreams I have, never really needed nobody but me,
 No need for shading  tears or  have a worry,
Just so puzzled why these kids want to grow up so quickly,
Can I get a minute to breathe?
Seems like every time I get closer to a friend something happens and they leave,
Breaking laws sent some of them to jail,
Split second mistakes left things unresolved ,and sent some of them to hell,
How can I shine thru all this rain?
Every things OK God, just as long as you remain,
Had to become a man way before my time,
Never been the greedy type, at an early age learned to share what was mine,

Yes piece of mind is more important then a pocketbook,
Life rested in pieces  miss you Ma when you left it's foundation was shook,
Is it too much for me to ask for you not to take your life for granted?
Why God Why, when I was at the funeral so long ago but I still remember that phrase becomes of the frequency that it was  chanted!

Blind to the knowledge, yet seduced by the noise,
Bore witness it the wickedness, yet the truth  lost it's poise,
While other's remain silent I settled the scores,
They were swept away from the living ,like  sands from  shores,
Rejoiced in the confused states of their mind,
Watched for a far, and saw how the blind led the blind,
Announcing their holiness but lived so judgmental,
Did they just have a fling with God, was the relationship experimental?
The plots of men became much more thickening,
What was once love become an obsession making it all the more sickening.
"Teen Disease."
Walking from the shadows alone in the rain,
Nothing's really going right for now, all I feel is the pain,
Caught in the lie of life, believing that nothing will change,
Happiness seems so far away so out of reach and out of range,
Traveling thru this existence with no form of an escort,
Slit wrists leaving trails of broken hearts, some saw it as a last resort,
Who hasn't taken the long road home and realized things weren't what they use to be,
Can't seem to feel all this emotions take people take so seriously,
Feels like the trials of life have convicted and cast me away,
Can't remember the last time I felt I belonged or just when I was lead astray.

Box in the Moonlight
 Trapped in the box, with no where to go,
I feel like I've done everything before, there's nothing left to know,
Some crave accloades in place of self esteem,
Am I the only one left that knows what life really means?
Feelings of hopelessness lead to despair,
Drawing conclusions that one nobody cares,
Left with assumptions confused by lies,
Living in a world where the truth always dies,
Misunderstandings led to lives guided in misdirection,
Do I really need love, is that why they crave for affection?
Cries of helplessness ring in my ears,
They were consumed by money's glare to shallow to hear,
I hope life on your high horse is keeping you busy,
Drunken with power with judgenment that's fizzy,
Trapped in this box without friends just foes,
Striving for affection wrong path being choose,
 This world has disgarded it's people,
Only the wicked survive but their blinded of their  evil.
"The Intensity of the flame."
 The fire burns so full of life it lacks nothing, yet is fueled by intensity,
My heart has been consumed by the flame of your love and this is how it has affected me,
Trapped in a world of broken promises,while empty smiles to fulfill my heart's desire,
These truths hold my heart hostage, it kills me inside that cupid turned out to be a liar,
Captured by lust so caught up in the moment so tempted to sin,
Running from the memories, hunted by dreams I think I'm lost again,
Life is worthless unless it's filled with the unpredictability of love which brings such a heavy burden,
In a world this cruel, I find strength in knowing that our love is for certain,
It pains my heart to no end, to love you just doesn't seem fair,
Trust is everything and you are empty and don't seem to care,
But you still warm my heart and bring me joy not just physical attraction,
You being in my life, gives my heart it's ultimate satisfaction,
My heart grows weary of the daily grinds our love endures,
Sometimes it seems like you were swept to me like seashells to shores,
The flame of our love will never flutter or burn out,
This intensity we share is something we can never doubt.

Listen, Listen,Listen,Listen,Listen...Listen?
There's a whole world of possibilities in your dreams that's  what's   been missing,
Teachers tap your student on their shoulders make them pay attention,
Student's with the loans get extensions,
Those with big mouth and big dream  hang out after school and conversations not the teachers rule in detection,
Promiscuous girls get off your knees
Isn't there something better you to doing  than giving it up so easily?

Stop making baby's and do your homework,
Start working on your soul and not your body and caring your stupid ass to church,Politicians  giving me  lip service,
Crying about how bad they want this position but they don't really deserve it!
Home of the free land of the brave?
Stop acting childish suppose to be leaders don't you know  how to behave?
Fathers take care of your children,
Or be ready to take the blame when life leads them straight to prison,
Life gets ruined just like the rain forest,No use pointing the blame we all know who's fought it really is.
Kids pick up a book and read
Don't you know that to get the rights you have somebody had to bleed!I'm not trying to sound so High and Mighty
But there's others around that feel like and feel don't you know that time slides away very quickly!
One life to leave not nine like the cat that curiosity got killed,
But you rather live it wastefully , from dollar to dollar bill,  
Ignoring warning after warning acting like you're  invincible,
Living your lives without a moral code empty of all principle.

When I say AIN'T , of course I mean am not,
Slang should be another unsolved mystery just like the sasquatch,
Maybe we're  in Hell, who really knows the truth,
Saying that my generation has no inititive and lacks any kind of follow through,
They raped my slang then  gave it a new name,
Leaders  turned to  yes-men ,while all the real ones lay slain,
It's pitiful how our role models left us with nothing and no one to look up to,
Clinton cheating on his wife. Bush telling lies, Goldmen and his wife OJ slew,
Braindead teachers seemingly with 5th grade educations,
12 year old girls having sex in their parents basement,
And they wanna run me down for how I talk with friends,Guess one really they have much to do in old age but complain and wet your depends
I guess it al depends, on where you pleads to alegance lye,
I guess I'm as honest as Abe  can not tell a lie,
It's a tragedy,
How old folks get mad so easily, Because I node my head instead of saying Hi, what exactly is the problem with that?
Paranoia people parents hurting that kids feelings just because they think their fat?
Why must you censor me, just to give your unjust cause a purpose,
Who's fault is it really that your life has no meaning and basically worthless,
The kids aren't alright it's not just a song,
Do we really want to see a sequel to Columbine, keep it up and it won't be long,
My words , My clothes, My people, My love, My struggles,My pain,  My pleasure ,My Life,
Just because your other doesn' make evil thing that you say right,
I follow God's laws but I'm your so I haven't followed them to the letter in my past,
But you trying to change my style makes you like like a donkey and an other words you're just an ass.
Executioner's Song

Sheep being led to a massive slaughter,
No conscience of self, sold out their own sons and daughters,
Dangerously thinking that America is the land of the free and home of the brave,
Never really knew the cost that was given and those  who lost their lives for it to be paid,
Your train of thought is worst than that of a slave,
Go serve your master, I hope the dollar makes you happy,and I hope you know that your spiritually afraid,
What's going on around you, people are dying but you choose to fight the other another cause,
What's really your problem? It's because of you that they passed those laws,
Thinking that your helping me, but your just trying to put yourself over,
Go find another person to deceive, let's not fool each other there will never be any crying from you to me, upon my shoulder,
I hear the cries, heard the lies but things still won't change,
The executioner's song is playing , the only hope is God, but so many have put themselves into the executioner's range.

With lips to kiss, hands to hold ,  heart to touch,
Could you put on that perfume that I just brought just use a dab, can't stand when  you put on too much,
That makes me easily want to ease  your pain
Let's get  into some physical love,  your touch is   driving me insane.
 Don't wanna slow down  now it's hard to stop when you just gave me that feeling,
Ok lady enough is enough, let's go , and please wear for me that dress you just bought, you know that one that's  kinda revealing!
I like how that dress shows off the slenderness of your curves,
Damnit girl your love is making me how, and I'm about to lose my nerves.
Can't stand it when your body's glare catches the eyes of other guys,
They don't don't know your heart, they just wanna get in between your thighs,
I crack a smile everytime some one tries to test  my love for you,
They don't know how long we've been together and all the shit we put each other thru,
Lady, let's elevate our love, we've been together for many  lifetimes
No one can ever truly know the pain of our love, what's mine is yours
Fatherless Son

Dear pops there's a bunch of stuff I need to get off my chest,
Don't want to be one of those who stayed silent then died of stress,
It's a wonder how I kept things together when things seem to get deranged,
I'm never gonna be like you, and leave my wife broken hearted and my kids estranged,
Responsibility is truly a bitch,   I hate to say but Pop's you're a whore,
Back then you put my life in ruins, and I just thought it was time for me to settle the score,
I'm not gonna lie 25% of the time you were there,
But I felt like the other 75% of the time you didn't even care,
Pops you was dead when I was five,
But now your still alive,
Your weren't dead physically, but to me emotionally you've never been alive, Pops remember when I was little and I use to sleep over,
So how would mom fill if she know back then you had your little woman over,
You wasn't the street type but you loved to mack it,
Pops remember when I was nine, and them kids stole my starter jacket?I know that if you spare the rod you spoil the child, but you took things a little bit further,
When I was a little kid I was only comforted by dreams of you getting murdered,
Never was a nightmare it was me with the gun,That's what goes on Pops in the mind of a fatherless son,
We weren't ever poor but life was so hard,
I'm remember all the bullshit you put me thru even that time we were critical of my belief of the living God,
Try to remember the good times that's  what Mom always use to say,But when exactly were the good times!
All I remember is when you use to come around how bad I wanted you to go away!
Things got so bad that I wanted you to die, and that's what to God I prayed,
God's the only father I know, even though at times I've strayed,
When I was growing up, oh pardon me I mean going down,
Hearing you fuse about nothing in my childhood that was a frequent sound,
Can't call you a son of a bitch, simply because your mother was good,
Hearing you talk about how your father left, made me think that somehow you understood,
 Over the years I've matured became stronger than rocks,
I bet you thought I was gonna be another statistic, halled away to jail by the cops,
Why are you trying to be friends now, you should have been a father,
Your not even worth my words,  why should I bother,
God  forgive him for his sins.
October 21,1990  little did I know but my troubles were about to begin,
But were don't need to get into that, you were probably busy, out somewhere drinking with your friends,
Forgiving you for all that you done would would be a crying shame,
Don't you ever take credit for my success, cus when I failed in your eyes, just look in the mirror and see who to blame.
Everything that God has taught me makes me know that I must forgive you,
I have to let this pain go cus if I don't I'll end up just like you.
"Christian ?"

Christian in the truest since of the word,
God's love is pure ,not really sure if it's deserved,
Fearless not afraid of anything, speaking the truth the others seem to ignore,
 But you people are blind, the sickness inside you runs deep through your core,
For a moment let's get serious I make you put your faith on check,
ake you think who you really pledge your allegiance to God in heaven, or the man that signs your check,
Situations turn political but you all don't wanna hear that,
You rather forget about the people struggling, so selfish just concern with where you live at.
I'm your conscience world! You'll never get rid of me,
Stop blinding yourself of what's really going on in the world, open your heart and see!
Truth, love and knowledge of self is what I maintain,
Stop following what the world is doing, start using your brain.
"Til' this life says Goodbye."

I will be in love with you, til this life says goodbye,
I'll be  the one that holds  your hand, even though so many times I was the reason  that made you cry
To my love who's heart has touched mine,
The one that has loved me even at times when I was so cruely blind,
Forgive me for the things that I have done that made you curse my name,
Are we really that different, could it be that it's hard to admit that we are one in the same,
So much between us is cleverly unsaid,
How I long for the day when my chest becomes the permanent place for you to rest your head,
Truthfully without a doubt, life without you in  it seemed as if something important was missing,
As if I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and the completely wrong girl for me, I ended up loving and kissing,
Any success this life has to offer for me, I pray that you are at my side,
I couldn't love someone so free as I do you, it would be as if they were just along for the ride,
I can't promise you forever, although that's what my heart says,
Only you and I know the full power of this love, and how rare it truly is.
"Backdoor Babylon."

Living in a fictionalized Utopia were paradise was lost,
A place where dreams are broken, and winning comes at all cost,
I hope the shepherd knows this his sheep have strayed,
This world is corrupt to it's core, most of it's people are either dead or decayed,
I sing the songs of saints and sinners though I lay both in between,
This Babylon is a rebellion from God, but nothing is ever what it seems,

In the vast nothingness of the void, lays a familiar face,
Such a good young man was he, loved killed him dead with the scorn of it's embrace,
He's nothing now, nothing more than a wreck,
Just a shell of his former self , because the promises she made, none of them were kept,
He's so different now , what happened to his joy?
He's turned so cold, i don't like him now, he's so selfish and coy,
He's so sad, but he doesn't cry,
I would do anything to take the pain away from him, but he want let me try,
He use to be so confident and strong, now it's like he's just there,
I gave him a hug and said i love you, but he didn't even care,
It makes me sad to see him like this,
Why'd  it had to be him instead of me ,is my one and only wish,
I don't wanna ever see him like this, it was so for sure, so meant to be,
I know the feeling he has, I can count the times that love spat on me,
He turns away, there's nothing left for me to do,
I've failed him when he needed me the most, guess my heart wasn't as  true.
Let me be the first to say that I am sorry, that i ended up just like you,
Misery loves company. but yet they are one in the same,
 Rest in pieces like his heart, all the love that was in it was slain,
She was the great love, but also his hearts killer,
I have a confession to make, I know his idenity He's the face in the mirror ,
 you know the one that always looks back at me.
It may not last forever, nothing never seems to. But for right now we both are empty.
"Betrayal of the Unknowing."

You don't know me,
Who gave you the right to tell me, who can and can't love me,
Who give you the right to end something ,oh so close to matrimony,
Don't you know that you can't end something that is  meant to be,
God only knows and time only tells,
But people like you blaze trails and belong in hell,
Can't say that I hate you,
but damn it's close to it,I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy,
but why did I have to go thru it?
You've spawn the lies, but you shall reap what you sow
Was it reallt for real? I guess in due time we'll know.
"Don't drink the Water."
Don't drink the water it's full of tears that spilled down from the sky,
It' has been poised by the passion of the evil ones that made the innocent cry,
Some of the slain found peace and were laid to rest,
But when they were gone, their loved ones were left with an uneasy feeling of destress,
Not knowing whether they would ever  see them again
Missing them like a brother or sister, even if they were just friends.
Don't drink the water because it's full  of lies and deceit,
It made the parents of the slain overwhelmed with emotion, but they still fell at their feet,
Don't  believe the lies, know that if you live your life correct you'll see the slain again,Whether mother, daughter or sister, or even a best friend.
Everyone's lost someone, you can just see it in their eyes,
There the reason they try so hard even time, and the tears of pain when someone cries,
Don't give up on seeing them again,
Don't drink the water, because you never know what might happen.

I don't wanna be anyone else, I'm comfortable in my skin,
If you can't accept me for me, then quite frankly we can never be friends,
You just want me to change to be more like you, and why would I do that?
You are the one that doesn't like yourself, constant commenting that your fat,
What has America done to it's children,
If she's not making herself  throw up, he's somewhere planning a killing,
I can only be me, and hope that you will do the same,
Because if you lie to yourself, and hide from your true self, that is truly a shame.
"Unkind Words to a former friend."

You're so selfish, that nobody that knows you likes you,
You can't even begin to imagine all the bullshit you put me thru,
Why did i waste my friendship on somebody like you?
You're worst  than an enemy,
Why did I even think that you were even a friend to me,
I can't say that  I hate you, because I don't,
But if you need a friend, and have the urge to call me, please don't
Could we ever be friends again? Not in this lifetime,
It was always about you, you were never really a friend of mine.
I don't feel stupid, i feel very used,
My friendship was the best thing you ever had,but like a drug you abused.
The only words I have for you now, can be summed up as unkind,
Don't call me or write me, and keep my name out of your mind!
Endless Waltz

Which side am I on,
Do I care anymore?Where have all the good people gone,
And what did they leave for,Has it all been just a game?
One which as no winners,We should all be treated the same,
After all saints are still sinners,Will this game ever end,
Why did it start?. I guess only God  knows Now, I can't even tell a foe from a friend,
The is still going on,
everyone is a pon who's path has already been chose.


 They speak softly but still got their points  across,
Saw so many lives turn into turmoil, but prayed for the souls that  ended  tup lost,
Nothing ever seems to bother them, they just live and let live,
Never were the selfish types, because at an earlier age they were taught to give,
How do they stay so calm under pressure?
Maybe they just pray to God, and hope things will one day get better.
In  a times in which  faith has taken a tumble
Those who truly believe, have the self control enough to give thanks and stay humble
"Angst filled Youth."

 Thinking.. Thinking  why nothing ever  seems to last,
Thinking why  no one ever forgets the mistakes they made, or leaves them in the past,
Because that's where  they truly belong.
Thinking  how life's rhythm turns into a rhyme ,wishing sometimes that someone would end the song
Dreaming hat my life was up to me,
Only in dreams is the realization of what is yet to come, and what should be meant to be.
Don't know why dreams of peace on Earth have long left me,
Dreaming of my true love, hoping that she will never leave me.
Wishing that life was all just someone's big dream,
Tired of crying empty tears, no one is quite what they ever seem.,
Wishing that I could be with the loved ones that I have lost,
Wishing I could find the girl that is meant for me, I would do that at any cost.
Hoping one day , that I will wake up with my lady next to me,
Be true to her is all I am, just hoping that it's meant to be.
Can't tell her lies, I've doubt her at times,
The mystery of love has mad others go against their hearts and committed so many love crimes.
Trying to live my life, one day at a time,
What are we all here for anyway, is this life truly mine?
Trying to gain an understanding on what it is I am here for,
Don't know why she isn't here with me, each passing day I crave her more.
Concluding to myself that my angst filled youth, isn't really that bad.
I wonder if my children will go thru the same  thing, thank God I'm years away from being a dad.
Don't mistake sadness for a way of life, because it's a passing fase,
Knowing that the path to happiness is somewhere inside me locked in a maze.
Knowing that one day, everything will be alright, because my destiny has yet to come,
Don't really have a problem going day to day, life may get boring sometimes but mine is still young.

"Souls of Mischief."

I'm full of shit, and so is everyone else around me,
That's how my generation lives this life, It gives me confident to live life so utterly profoundly,
Everyone is full of crap, learn and just deal,
You can't take things so seriously, but that's just the way I feel.
It' may sound strange to you, but to me it's alright.
Growing up in a generation that would rather bullshit around, then to enlist in the army and fight.
And what for, a country that really doesn't give a shit?
Don't call us Generation X or O, we have names, so remember that or get mentally pistil whipped.
Poltics is important to me, umm yeah maybe when I'm older,
Just relax and be young, besides the CIA has reports on everyone locked somewhere and kept in a folder,
Have fun sometimes, do what ever floats your boat,
But don't forget to punch the chades out, but that's if and when you decide to vote.
Don't take this as anti-social, and if you do take it easy,
Everythings not all live or die, learn to not take yourself so seriously.
Remember this life is yours and your's alone,
So when your mom tells you to clean your room, do it but afterwards tie-up the phone.
Remember to keep your chin up, and to let your dime light shine,
Learn to have fun, but don't take it too far, because I'm not advocating crime.