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Hot Newz Headliner


Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Expect Mandy Moore to re-invent herself for her next album. She is reportedly writing her own material and expect a much more mature album from her next time around. Mandy is taking a page from the queen of re-invention herself Madonna.The Empire wishes Mandy luck and continued success in the music field.

Rage Against the Machine has called it quits. Last Week the rock n' roll band that incorporated politics into it's act called it quits. But be on the look out for a Zach Da Rocha(Rage's frontman) solo project.

Dmx the top dog of the Ruff Ryders camp is slated to star in the fourth installment of "The Crow," film series. It isn't sure whether the film will be a direct to video or theathrical release but Empire will keep you posted.

Will Smith fans can rejoice. Martin Lawrence and the aforementioned jiggy actor himself are slated to be filming the sequel to BadBoys. Also look for Lawrence to film a sequel to Blue Streak.

Eminem's lastest video is for the classic song from the Marshal Mather's LP, the track "Stan," is reportedly ready for play as we speak. Look for Final Destination's star Devon Sawa to co-star as the psycho obessed fan.


Napster has sold it's fans and users out by signing a deal with he recording artists of america,the deal will keep Napser open and stab the users of this free service in the back. In the near future napster will charge for it's service and expect alot of users to abandon ship as if they were on the Titanic. A monthly fee has been kicked around, and it might be $5 a month per person, if no one leaves Napster they along with the RAA, stand to make, $180 million dollars a month, so much for the Robin Hoods of the music world.

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This article contributed by Will Morris.