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Headphone detectives


Here is where you get reviews for the latest movies,music videos and artist cd's. This can get very raw because the reviews won't hold anything back!!!!

New music

"He Did That,"
By Silkk the Shocker w/ Mac and Master P.
Director ?
No Limit/Priority

The rumors of No Limit's dimeise are greatly exaggrated. "He Did That," is not only a video and radio hit it is also an anthemn in the waiting. Although the video is sharp and one of No Limit's best it has it's spots where if you see it you would be left saying, "Huh?" The video is very good but with certain shady elements added it only gets three stars but it is very good.




Britney's new video is ok, and should have guys all around very excited. Some parts of the video are lame and don't belong. The video's concept is that Britney goes to a club sees her boyfriend cheating on her and then leaves and realizes that she is stronger without the guy. It's a guy video for a dumb song. Then again so are all her videos and songs. ***


"E.I," by Nelly
Director Little X
Fo Real ent./Universial

After Nelly's video and radio smash hit "Country Grammar," helped him to take the top spot in the game for right now you wouldn't expect his second video to slack off would you? Nope and it didn't. Directed by Hype Williams protege' Little X,who was done Mystikal's two biggest video hits,(Neck of da Woods and Shake it fast. "E.I." has the party doesn't stop every feel that has been recently ripped off from Ghostface Killah's video hit "Cherchez La Ghost," but the video proves to have a pulse of it's own.Nelly's lastest video offering "E.I," is hot but still very cliche' it should push his album to 5 million sales or more but he gets only three stars for the luckwarm video.